Daniel O'Donnell

Jul 01, 2013 – July Update

Hello there,

Apologies Apologies Apologies!! We’ve just realised that we missed a couple of months of news updates.

At the minute I am back in Tenerife for a wee while. Having an extended time off I decided that I would try to learn some Spanish this year. I can speak and understand a little but as we spend so much time here, I would like to be able to converse with the local people in their own language. So here I am at 51!!!! I go off every morning with my school bag and spend a part of my evening doing homework. Last year I went to the Irish college to learn Irish and next year I have decided that I want to go back to learn some more. By times in the Spanish class when I think i’m in full flow, an irish word pops into the sentence.

Since our last update I had the privilege of attending Shawn Cuddy’s 50th birthday celebrations at a gala concert in Letterkenny where a host of entertainers gathered to honour him on his special weekend. It was a great night and I was delighted to be there as Shawn is somebody who I admire greatly. He is such a great entertainer.

I also attended the Leinster Entertainment Awards in Kildare. This was another wonderful gathering of some of the cream of Irish singers and musicians. I really enjoy evening’s like these because it gives me the opportunity to hear so many of the other singers that I don’t get to see very often.

In june I got to present a tv show for “TG4” the Irish language station here in Ireland. It was a great challenge for me especially after going to irish college last year. I was delighted that the producers asked me to present the show for them in our native language. The series will be over a period of 6 weeks. Each week will showcase a different singer for an evenings entertainment. It will air in September. I’m not sure of the order of the shows yet but over the six weeks you will see singers Mary Duff, Billy Yates, Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizzell, Derek Ryan & Susan Mc Cann. Maybe i’ll be on spanish tv next….That will be something to see and hear.

We are already looking forward to starting our shows in August. At the minute we are putting together the programme for the show. Because we have been off for so long it is exciting looking at the different songs that we might sing and even though sometimes i think we should do a whole new programme, when I start to change it I realise its hard to beat the old favourites.

At the minute Trish is in the process of fully updating the website. I’m sure most of you are thinking it’s about time. So keep an eye on that over the summer. I don’t think I have anymore news for you at the minute. Hope all is good with you. Take care until the next time.

God bless,