Daniel O'Donnell

Oct 09, 2013 – October Update

Hi there,

I hope all is well with you. Sorry it’s been a while since we last wrote. In my last update I told you about Majella’s diagnosis. She’s had her 2nd round of chemotherapy although the treatment is very tough she is staying really positive and in good spirits. I would like to thank you for your good wishes & prayers. Majella especially asked me to say how touched she is with all of your kind thoughts. As some of you may know, she went on the Irish TV show The Late Late show and had her head shaved to raise money for the Irish cancer society. This got an amazing reaction and raised 575,000 euros to date. It is beyond everybody’s expectations and the money will help in so many ways, thanks to all who were able to contribute. The one thing the doctors told us was to live life as normal as possible and do all the things she felt up to. Prior to her diagnosis we had booked a trip to Rome, Vienna & Budapest, this was to take place on the 23rd of September, 10 days after her first treatment. Thankfully she was well enough to go and we had a great time.

From my point of view it’s been difficult touring all the time and not being able to be with her. But Majella was adamant that I would continue doing the shows. We are in the first week of our UK tour and the shows here, just as in America and Canada have gone really well, I hope those of you who have been able to attend enjoyed them as much as we have.
When the tour here is finished I will do a few days promotion in the UK for the new album. On the 23rd I will be on Sky News between 8.30am and 9am with Eamon Holmes, on the 24th I will be on Loose Women on ITV, and also on the 24th I will be on QVC at 9am. I’ve also done a lot of radio interviews so check with your local station to see when they will be on. The release dates for the album are America 8th October, Ireland 25th October, the UK on November 11th, and Australia on 11th October. The title of the album is “A Picture Of You”.

I know in the UK Cliffs new album will go on sale on the same day, which I’ve had a sneak preview of and it’s fantastic, but so is mine!!!!!!! Even though Cliff & I are the best of friends on the 11th of November we will be rivals, to see which one of us does the best in the charts. May the best man win…..

By the time I write to you again we will be back in Branson, Missouri this is a big year for me as we are doing our shows at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre. As I told you before on my first visit to Branson my manager Sean Reilly and I went to see Andy Williams in concert at the Moon River Theatre and I said to Sean “maybe one day I’ll get to do a show here” and that day is soon to arrive.

While I was in America I got to go to see one of Loretta Lynn’s shows at her ranch just outside Nashville. It was a wonderful thrill for me as Loretta invited me to stay in the house with her and her family. You all know how much I love and admire her and after spending some precious time with her in that lovely relaxed atmosphere of her own home, I can tell you she is every bit the lady I always thought she was.

I hope those of you who have visited the website before will like the new format. Well it’s time now to get ready for another show, I’m writing this in Glasgow.

Looking forward to seeing all of you coming to the shows over the next 6 weeks.

Take care, Daniel