Daniel O'Donnell

Apr 26, 2013 – April Update

Hello there!!

At the minute we’re here in Tenerife. Majella and I have been here 5 weeks and we have one week to go. This has been our longest stay in Tenerife, we thought we might find it too long but to be honest we can’t believe how the time has flown by. It really has been a totally relaxing time, all I’ve done is played a few games of golf. Some days I played well but most days I was fairly average.

I know Majella has been filling you in on what I did in the earlier part of the year but I want to go back and tell you a little about it myself.

Starting of in February I went on the Gertrude Byrne all Irish cruise. This was my second time on this cruise. It was a great week and i really enjoyed it. It’s a great opportunity for me to get to catch up with all the other singers because we see so little of each other throughout the year. I have been on other cruises before but the difference with this cruise is that it’s almost like one big family, as we are all there for the same reason and thats our love of music. Although we were only booked to do two cruises Gertrude asked if i would be interested in returning some time in the future and I said I would, so we will let you know when that is going to happen.

When i left the ship Majella joined me in Florida and we spent a couple of weeks catching up with some friends we have made in that part of the world. I then went on to visit some PBS stations because Public Television were airing our show that we recorded in September in Iowa called “Daniel from the Heartland” I can hardly believe that this is our 12th special for Public television and the feedback that we have had has been very positive so much so that talks are in progress for our 13th special, thanks to all of you who have supported us through PBS!!

On returning home I went into the studio to record some songs for our album that will be released later in the year. Over the past number of years our albums have all followed a theme, but this year we have decided to go back and do what we done in the beginning of my career and record a mixture of songs, old and new. I’m delighted with how they have turned out especially the original songs. One of which will be released as a single in early -mid May called “Mr Moon” written by Billy Bob O Dwyer who also wrote Tipperary girl. We’ll actually have a few single releases over the summer but Patricia will let know about that when the information is available.

As I said we’ve been here now since 23rd March and we have one more week to go. I have a few appearances to do when i go home at different events but nothing really major until we start our Irish tour in August. The tickets are on sale now for most of the shows between now and Christmas and I know that many of you queued out over night to secure the best seats available, you amaze me with your loyalty. A number of shows sold out in the first day of sales so thank you for your continued support.

That’s about all the news I have for now, hope everything is good with you, take care until the next time!!! Its 7pm and it’s still sun bathing time here in Tenerife so i’m feeling under pressure to catch what’s left of the sun… Daniel.