Daniel O'Donnell

Aug 23, 2013 – August Update

Hello there,

I hope everything is good with you. We’re almost at the end of our Irish tour with only 2 shows left. We’ve had a wonderful time and it was great seeing so many of you after our long break from touring.

As you know this past month has been difficult for us but I’m glad to say that Majella is doing well. She had her surgery and the doctors were very pleased with the outcome. She will now start chemotherapy treatment in September. We are really overwhelmed by the good wishes and prayers from everyone. As you know there is no way to get over this other than to face every part of the journey and get through it as best we can. While there would never have been a good time for the diagnosis it is unfortunate that it came just as I was about to start touring again. My first thought was to stay home but Majella being the strong character that she is would not hear of it and said “the show must go on”. I am very lucky that while I’m touring Majella’s mother Marion will be staying with Majella to make sure she is well looked after. We know the next few months will not be easy but we are thankful to know that eventually the outcome will be a positive one.

When we finish this tour we are off to Canada and America so I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there. We will also at the end of that tour record another show for Public Television which will later be released as a DVD.

I don’t have any more news for you at the minute, so until the next time take care