Daniel O'Donnell

February 20th 2014, update from Daniel

Greetings from New Zealand. As I write to you I’m in Auckland. We start the first of our 5 New Zealand shows tonight in Hamilton and then it’s onto Australia. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at all the venues that we will go to over the next month.  It’s hard to believe how quick the two years have passed since we were last here.

I’m sure you have already seen Majella’s message of thanks on the website and I’m delighted she’s doing so well. I just want to add my thanks to you for your support since last July. It has meant a great deal to both Majella and myself.  We thank God that her treatment and surgery has been successful.  Through all of this we have a lot of time to reflect and take stock of things and it makes us realise that life is short. I want to let you know at this point that I have decided to take an extended break from touring after the Gertrude Byrne Caribbean cruise finishes next February 2015.  I can’t really say how long the break will be, but there will be no shows until at least the middle of 2016. For me this was a very big decision but there are a number of things that Majella and I want to do and even if we live to be 90 (which I hope we do) I don’t want to have to say “I wish we took the time to do such and such……” . I would like to thank you at this point also for supporting my career over the last 30 years and I hope when we get back to doing shows that I will see all of you again.

On a happier note as I look at the dates planned until next February starting tonight in Hamilton I feel we are travelling to almost everywhere that we have gone over the last 30 years so I will look forward to seeing many of you over the next year.

I want to stress that “This is not retirement, it’s just a sabbatical”


Until the next time, God Bless