Daniel O'Donnell

Hello from Daniel

Hi there,

I hope this finds you well. As I write, I have just finished sound check for our show in Canberra in Australia. We’ve already been to New Zealand where we gt a great welcome after an absence of 3 years. It was lovely to see all the familiar faces back at the show and indeed many new ones too. It’s been the same since we arrived in Australia.

Prior to coming here ,we did shows on Gertrude Byrne’s Caribbean Cruise. As I have said before, I really love doing the cruise as Gertrude provides fantastic entertainment for everyone.  I enjoy catching up with all the other singers  that I don’t get a chance to see.

This year on the cruise Majella and I were joined by our son Michael and his girlfriend Sarah and our daughter Siobhan and her husband Gavin and of course our little granddaughter Olivia. Some other family members were with us too and we really had a fantastic holiday.

The highlight of the last few months for me and indeed for all of us in the family was the marriage of my niece Trish to her now husband Neil Swan. They got married on February 3rd. As many of you know Trish works and travels with me so it was a wonderful day for all of us. The wedding was in the local church in Kincasslagh where Majella and I got married and it started out with a beautiful morning even though the weather leading up to the event was bad, somehow the sun shone through on the big day. We all assembled at the church in the morning and Trish being Trish was there right on time at 12.30pm. I was singing at the mass accompanied by Steven Milne on piano, John Staunton on guitar, Trionagh Allen and Majella on backing vocals. Trish’s friend Gavin who has been a friend of hers for many years was singing as well. Trish had a number of her friends from the music business invited to the wedding and wanted them all to enjoy the day free from singing at the reception. However Gavin had arranged with the priest Fr Pat Ward unbeknownst to Trish and Neil to have all of the singers that were gathered at the wedding take part in singing How Great Thou Art, this was all arranged as I said behind their backs and the priest was very agreeable as long as he could start off the song and then throughout the congregation the singers stood up where they were sitting in random places throughout the church and began singing their lines of the song. Eventually we all ended up on the alter. You may have seen it on social media and the video has now gone viral and has been dubbed “Flashmob Cathloic Style”. Trish and Neil’s reaction to this was wonderful to see. They truly had no idea what was going on and Trish was so emotional when she realised that all the singers who she invited were sharing their special day in such a unique way. We had an amazing service and the day went on from there, it was just a wonderful celebration and on a personal note it was great for me to see Trish so happy with her new husband. He really is a lovely guy. Of course she’s been my niece all of her life and I watched her and her brothers and sisters grow up cause I lived in the house with them at home where my mother lived up until I got married myself, but in the last number of  years Trish has travelled with me and has been a great support to me and it was very  special to see the wonderful gathering of people there to celebrate with both of them and we wish them all the happiness and luck in the world in their married life together.

When we finish up in Australia we fly to Sri Lanka to do two shows there. We really enjoyed our first visit  and we received an amazing welcome by everyone we met so we are looking forward to our return visit.

We then head back to do some shows in Ireland followed by our tour in the UK in April so we look forward to seeing some of you on our travels over the next few months.

Two episodes of “Daniel and Majella’s B&B road trip” have already aired and they have had great viewing figures so we are delighted that the second series is being as well received as the first.

Take care.