Daniel O'Donnell

Hello from Daniel

Hello there,

As I write this we are in Derry at the Millennium Forum theatre recording the TV show Opry le Daniel. Last night we recorded the first two shows of the series one with Brendan Quinn and his sons James and Stephen and the second show with Charley Pride. We had a fantastic evening and the atmosphere was electric.  If you are able to make it to any of the shows for the rest of this week check out “Opry le Daniel” Facebook page for the schedule.

A few weeks ago Majella and I embarked on another B&B roadtrip and what a fantastic time we had. We really can’t believe the success of this show and are delighted that the TV audience have taken to it so well. We enjoyed meeting all the B&B owners and they play a huge part in making the show what it is. We never know where we’re going, so tune in to see what adventures the B&B owners will have in store for us on this trip. The first show airs tomorrow Tuesday 15th May on RTE 1 television and it is still our hope that this show will air in other countries eventually.

We have a busy few months. In February we had a tour in America, the B&B show was recorded in March, April we started our shows in Armagh then we continued on to the UK and we had one show in Ireland in May and as always it was great to see so many of you, there was a few faces I hadn’t seen for a while so I enjoyed meeting up again.

Last Thursday I got the chance to go and see Ed Sheerin in concert in Boucher Park in Belfast. I don’t get to many concerts and I had never seen Ed before. I just like the way he portrayed himself anytime I seen him. “And I wasn’t disappointed, he came across on stage like a really nice lad” and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. The Aikens who promote the concerts invited me and everyone was so nice. I want to thank the young man who bought me chips. I saw a guy eating chips and when I asked him where he got them from, he came back a few minutes later with three bags for myself Siobhan and her husband Gavin. I’d also like to thank a young man working in the local garage who gave me a parking space.

Next May we will be back on Gertrude Byrnes cruise and it’s really exciting that this cruise will take us to Alaska. I have heard from many people that this is one of the most scenic cruises you can take and that coupled with all of the wonderful Irish entertainers that will be gathered on board I’m sure we’re going to have a fantastic time. I hear already from Gertrude that it’s selling fast.

When we finish here in Derry we go to Canada and America so I’m really looking forward to that and then we’ll be back in Killarney in August.

Now the highlight of our lives since I last wrote to you was the arrival of our new grandson Archie Daniel Thomas Shields. As you know Olivia has brought so much joy to our lives and as she gets older that joy increases daily and to think we have all that to look forward to with Archie, words just can’t express how delighted Majella and I are.

I think that’s’ about all the news I have for you now, I hope everything is good with you and Until we meet again,

Take care and God Bless