Daniel O'Donnell

Hello from Daniel

Greetings from Donegal,
We’re now back at home and the sun in Tenerife seems like a lifetime ago. It’s a rough windy, cold night here, but never the less it’s lovely to be back.  When I last wrote we were in Tenerife awaiting the arrival of Olivia. We had a wonderful 10 days with her and she’s getting cuter by the day.
On Tuesday I went to Midwest radio and did a show with Gerry and Paul. It’s always great fun being on their show. I’ll be back with them on Christmas Day to take part in their Christmas Night special for TV. Yesterday I recorded a piece for The One Show on BBC 1 this show is scheduled to be on Dec 14th but if it changes we will let you know.
This Friday I will be on The Late Late show on RTE 1. Then on Saturday morning I’ll be at the INEC in Killarney where the tickets will go on sale for our shows there next August. I’m really looking forward to this as I’ve never had the opportunity to meet the people who get in line to buy the tickets on the first day of sales. Next week I’ll be going to the UK to do some promotion for the new album and our shows there next September. Trish will let you know when and where these shows will air.
I hope everything is good with you, I’ll check in again around Christmas
God Bless