Daniel O'Donnell

Mar 08, 2013 – March Update

Hi there,

Hope you are all well. As you already know, Patricia has been updating the tour dates on the website again but Daniel and I will still be here too. Apologies for not being here for so long. With Daniel having time off there isn’t really much to tell you. Everything is good with us. We spent January in Tenerife and the weather was absolutely beautiful! Daniel played a lot of golf and generally relaxed in the sun.

In February Daniel did the cruise that he did last year on the caribbean. It went well and he really enjoyed it. I decided not to go with him this year because I wanted to spend more time with my mum and Dad. When the cruise was over I went out to Florida to meet up with Daniel and we had a 2 week holiday staying with various friends that we know out there. It was lovely. We really enjoyed it and we managed to play a few games of golf as well. Daniel reckons that if I stick with it and play more often, I could be quite good at it!! I don’t know about that!! The weather was very hot when we arrived and we stayed in Fort Lauderdale for about 5 days. We then went to Venice on the west coast and the weather got really cool very suddenly. On the last day there, it picked up again and was about 75 degrees. Our weather is much more predictable than that. It’s just cold and wet all the time!!!! I came back to Dublin and Daniel went on to do some PBS Television pledge drives in the USA. He will be back here next week and we then return to Tenerife for about 6 weeks which I’m really looking forward to. This is the most time that Daniel has taken off in the thirty years that he has been singing and he deserves it. I think it’s nice to not be constantly worried about your voice or upcoming events etc. Once he starts back in August it will be busy again for about 18 months and then maybe he will have a bit more time off. I think that’s the way he would like it to be in the future.

Well that’s about it for now. Take care of yourselves,

Until the next time………………….. Majella