Daniel O'Donnell

Nov 2nd 2014.. Daniel’s update!!

Hi everyone Trish here,

It’s only when I went to post the update for Daniels charity dance that I realised  I forgot to post the update Daniel wrote when we were in Minot last month, so I thought I better post it now. Better late than never I guess. Really sorry, I’ve got a head like a sieve.


Greetings from Minot, North Dakota. As I write this I have just returned from doing the first of our 2 shows at the Hostfest in Minot. We had a great show today. It’s lovely to be back and be part of this wonderful festival. We do another show tomorrow evening. On Saturday I go to Detroit Public Television where we will put together a series of 13 shows that will start airing later in the year so watch out for that.

Since I last wrote to you we have done a number of shows. We got back to Aranmore Island in August and as always we had a great night. There is always something very special about the shows in Early’s bar. We then went on to Killarney and had a tremendous week. People travelled from all parts of the world to attend the concerts.  There was a great atmosphere and myself, Mary and the band really enjoyed ourselves.  I was delighted while in Killarney to be honoured by the business people of the town with the “Order of Innisfallen” award. This award is presented to people from outside Killarney who have contributed in some way to the local area.

At the end of August, Majella and I went to Tenerife for 2 weeks. We came back via the UK as we both took part in a charity show in Soham organised by Mrs Day. We were joined by Fergal Flaherty, John Staunton, Annette Griffin and I was delighted to persuade my good friend Sean O Farrell to come back and perform at the show. It was a great night and everybody enjoyed all of the performers but I feel it was a special treat for them to see Sean sing one more time.

September has been a busy month. We had a great night in Letterkenny at a concert for Highland Radio. This was to celebrate the granting of their licence to transmit for another 10 years in our local area. I always enjoy these nights as I get to see other singers perform. On this particular show was Paddy O Brien, Lorraine Mc Donald, The Conquerors Showband Brendan & Emily Shine and David Craig.

As I’m sure you know Donegal was in the All Ireland football finals this year and although both our senior and minor teams did not win their matches they still did their county proud. And I must say thank you to both managers Jim Mc Guinness and Declan Bonner, their teams and the back room staff for the great year we’ve enjoyed following their success.  And although Kerry are the custodians of both cups for 2014, we’ll be looking forward to seeing them “In the Hills of Donegal” this time next year.

One of my favourite pastimes is playing golf and I was delighted to be able to attend the “Ryder Cup” last weekend. I can’t begin to explain the atmosphere that was at this event and it was so good to be present to see Paul Mc Ginley and the European team lift the trophy.

As you know from Trish’s updates Majella’s book will be released on the October 9th. I’ve only just got to read it myself as she didn’t allow me to read anything while she was writing and I have to say she has done a great job. Hopefully some of you will make it to her book signings.

I think that’s all the news for now. Take care and God Bless