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Social media fraudsters have set up a fake page on Messenger impersonating Daniel, but please note – THIS IS NOT DANIEL.

Daniel does not go on Messenger and is urging his fans to be extra vigilant, and not be taken in by this, or any other scam on social media & the Internet.

In Messenger, The fraudsters ask fans to open up a folder in order to gain benefits as a registered member of the Fanclub, and then proceed to ask for $100 worth of Amazon card.

This has been reported to Facebook, but if you come across it, please do report it also – this is very important.

Please also spread the word so as no one ends up being taken in.

REMEMBER, Daniel does not communicate directly with fans on Facebook, Messenger, What’s App, Instagram, or any other social media website or forum.


Watch Daniel talk about his new tour dates for the UK in Oct 2021

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After missing out completely on performing in Branson last year (2021), Daniel is thrilled to be returning to Branson in November this year for his regular shows, and we are delighted to have a fantastic tour organized to take his fans there to enjoy them too.

Our fabulous tour starts in the lovely city of Oklahoma, where we take in the fastest draw in the west and enjoy the sights of Oklahoma before heading towards Fort Smith, Arkansas, and stopping at a Cherokee Heritage Centre.

We visit the historic town of Fort Smith, and then, it’s on to Branson for five nights in the Grand Country Inn where we will enjoy a fantastic buffet breakfast and dinner each day.

In addition we will have tickets to two of Daniel’s shows, and if you want more we can organize them for you.

You may also want to enjoy some of the many fantastic shows in Branson.

Our last night will be spent in Little Rock where we will visit the Clinton Library where there is an exact replica of the Oval office, as well as many other artifacts from Bill Clinton’s time in the White House.

Exclusively, for those members of the Daniel O Donnell Fan club, who book with their membership number, there will be a $40 gift voucher for the fabulous Taliano’s Restaurant in Fort Smith, as well as priority seating in the Welk theatre.

All in all a great tour.  For full details or to book on this amazing trip call Deirdre today on 00 353 87 689 3519 or e-mail


INEC Arena show this August 12 – 15. Postponed to 2022.

Daniels 2021 shows this August at the INEC Killarney have been rescheduled to Thursday 25th, Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of August, 2022.

All Original tickets remain valid for corresponding dates: 

Thursday 24th September 2020 – Thursday 25th of August 2022
Friday 25th September 2020 – Friday 26th of August 2022
Saturday 26th September 2020 – Saturday 27th of August 2022
Sunday 27th September 2020 – Sunday 28th of August 2022

For accommodation package queries please contact the call centre on 064 6671550
For tickets purchased via the INEC box office please contact
For tickets purchased via Ticketmaster please contact

See also Daniel’s announcement video on his facebook.


Daniel O’Donnell started his professional career as a member of his sister Margo’s band on January 28, 1981.

After learning the ropes, Daniel then flew the nest two years later to become an entertainer in his own right.

There were many early struggles and setbacks, and at one point Daniel thought he might have to give up on his dream.

But Ireland’s best-loved entertainer persevered and ultimately went on to become a world famous singer with success in the superstar league.

To mark the 40th anniversary of Daniel’s career, takes a look back at his remarkable journey, from his early days playing tiny venues around Ireland to selling out theatres and arenas around the globe.

Fans are also given an insight into Daniel’s personal world, as his wife Majella reveals their love story and the singer remembers another remarkable woman who shaped his life – his beloved mother Julia.

And superstar Cliff Richard pays tribute to his pal Daniel.

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Daniel’s first ever live streamed concert aired live from the Millennium Forum in Derry on Sunday 1st November 2020, to loyal fans all across the Globe.

Daniel performed a two-hour set of his best loved hits, as well as a selection of tracks from his brand new album ‘Daniel’, released only weeks earlier on Oct 16th.
Now, due to unprecedented demand following the airing, the show is being released on this Limited Edition DVD.  Get your copy while stocks last.

PRICE PER DVD:        €20 Euro (This price inc Postage & Packing)


By Post:  To KCP Concerts Ltd, 87 Grange Hall, Dunshaughlin, Co.Meath, A85 Y067, Ireland.

Postal Order Only (Euro Amt Only), made payable to KCP Concerts Ltd.

Please give all relevant details – full address inc postal code & Phone Number.


Please write in BLOCK CAPITALS and put the correct amt of postage on your envelope.


By Email:  Send email to  Give full details of Cr Card, full address & Phone number.


By Phone: Call Irish Mobile (+353) 87 606 7543 (2.30pm to 4.30pm Only – Mon to Fri Only)

Please have your Credit Card details to hand when you call.


A Receipt for payment will be inc with your order.  Please allow 28 days for processing & delivery of your order.


Note: The Phone number, postal address and email address given above, are only for ordering of this particular DVD, it is not for any general queries.  For General queries – please email

Any issues with an order must be given in writing by post or by email to the above postal / email address, within 10 working days of receipt of your order.  Refunds will only be issued for product that has been returned and proven to be damaged in transit to you or is faulty.  All queries will be replied to within 5 working days.  Note – Queries given and replied to by post will take longer, especially with current Covid restrictions in place.


Gertrude Byrne is now taking bookings for the above.


‘Don’t Take the Good Times For Granted’

Featuring Daniel O’Donnell – Release Date: 29th January 2021

Donegal singer David James (22) is joined by Daniel on his new track ‘Don’t Take The Good Times For Granted’ due for release on this Friday – 29th January, on the DMG TV label (Digital download from iTunes & Spotify).

Written by singer-songwriter Shunie Crampsey, the song is a conversation between a younger man and an older man and is fitting for the times we find ourselves in. The pairing of Daniel’s well-loved vocals with David’s powerful delivery makes this a track for fans of all ages, with a message that resonates with us all in light of the last year.


Up-and-coming star David James has been going from strength to strength in the music scene since he started gigging at the young age of 15.  He has had four singles that have topped the iTunes charts under his belt to date, including the track Donegal Doll released when David was just 18.

While David predominantly sings Irish and country music, he has a wide range of musical tastes and influences, performing music from the likes of Tom Jones, the Rock and Roll era, musical theatre and power ballads. David is also host of The Jivetime Show on Highland Radio.

David: “I remember going to see Daniel in concert when I was 14. I was mesmerised not only by Daniel, but by the band, the lights, the full show! I never dreamt that I would get the opportunity to record with Daniel, It was an honour.”

Daniel: “I am delighted to have had the opportunity to record this duet with David. He has a great voice and a super personality. We were blessed that Shunie Crampsey wrote this song especially for us. Shunie is a great writer and I loved the song as soon as I heard it.

‘Don’t Take the Good Times for Granted’ available for download on iTunes and to stream on Spotify. Enjoy !!


For information/interview requests, contact

 Lindsey or Sorcha


Join Daniel for this, the second series of his shows on RFD TV. They will air over the next few months. See the list below for airing times and a link to the RFD TV website for your convenience.

Please Note, if you are outside of the USA, the RFD TV broadcast times are U.S. Central standard times (CST) and are fixed. If you are in a different time zone or country, you have to calculate your viewing time with CST USA.

DateDay of weekStartOriginal title
23/01/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 1
28/01/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 1
30/01/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 2
04/02/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 2
06/02/2021Saturday9:00 pmAt Home in Ireland – pt 2
11/02/2021Thursday6:00 amAt Home in Ireland – pt 2
13/02/2021Saturday9:00 pmCan You Feel the Love – pt 2
18/02/2021Thursday6:00 amCan You Feel the Love – pt 2
20/02/2021Saturday9:00 pmPeaceful Waters
25/02/2021Thursday6:00 amPeaceful Waters
27/02/2021Saturday9:00 pmThoughts of Home
04/03/2021Thursday6:00 amThoughts of Home
06/03/2021Saturday9:00 pmUlster Hall Belfast
11/03/2021Thursday6:00 amUlster Hall Belfast
13/03/2021Saturday9:00 pmJust For You
18/03/2021Thursday6:00 amJust For You
20/03/2021Saturday9:00 pmShowtime – pt 2
25/03/2021Thursday6:00 amShowtime – pt 2
27/03/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Daniel O’Donnell Show – pt 2
01/04/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Daniel O’Donnell Show – pt 2
03/04/2021Saturday9:00 pmSongs of Faith – pt 2
08/04/2021Thursday6:00 amSongs of Faith – pt 2
10/04/2021Saturday9:00 pmStreaming Show – pt 1
15/04/2021Thursday6:00 amStreaming Show – pt 1
17/04/2021Saturday9:00 pmStreaming Show – pt 2
22/04/2021Thursday6:00 amStreaming Show – pt 2
24/04/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 1
29/04/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 1
01/05/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 2
06/05/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 2
08/05/2021Saturday9:00 pmAt Home in Ireland – pt 2
13/05/2021Thursday6:00 amAt Home in Ireland – pt 2
15/05/2021Saturday9:00 pmCan You Feel the Love – pt 2
20/05/2021Thursday6:00 amCan You Feel the Love – pt 2
22/05/2021Saturday9:00 pmPeaceful Waters
27/05/2021Thursday6:00 amPeaceful Waters
29/05/2021Saturday9:00 pmThoughts of Home
03/06/2021Thursday6:00 amThoughts of Home
05/06/2021Saturday9:00 pmUlster Hall Belfast
10/06/2021Thursday6:00 amUlster Hall Belfast
12/06/2021Saturday9:00 pmJust For You
17/06/2021Thursday6:00 amJust For You
19/06/2021Saturday9:00 pmShowtime – pt 2
24/06/2021Thursday6:00 amShowtime – pt 2
26/06/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Daniel O’Donnell Show – pt 2
01/07/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Daniel O’Donnell Show – pt 2
03/07/2021Saturday9:00 pmSongs of Faith – pt 2
08/07/2021Thursday6:00 amSongs of Faith – pt 2
10/07/2021Saturday9:00 pmStreaming Show – pt 1
15/07/2021Thursday6:00 amStreaming Show – pt 1
17/07/2021Saturday9:00 pmStreaming Show – pt 2
22/07/2021Thursday6:00 amStreaming Show – pt 2