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Daniel O’Donnell started his professional career as a member of his sister Margo’s band on January 28, 1981.

After learning the ropes, Daniel then flew the nest two years later to become an entertainer in his own right.

There were many early struggles and setbacks, and at one point Daniel thought he might have to give up on his dream.

But Ireland’s best-loved entertainer persevered and ultimately went on to become a world famous singer with success in the superstar league.

To mark the 40th anniversary of Daniel’s career, takes a look back at his remarkable journey, from his early days playing tiny venues around Ireland to selling out theatres and arenas around the globe.

Fans are also given an insight into Daniel’s personal world, as his wife Majella reveals their love story and the singer remembers another remarkable woman who shaped his life – his beloved mother Julia.

And superstar Cliff Richard pays tribute to his pal Daniel.

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Join Daniel for this, the second series of his shows on RFD TV. They will air over the next few months. See the list below for airing times and a link to the RFD TV website for your convenience.

Please Note, if you are outside of the USA, the RFD TV broadcast times are U.S. Central standard times (CST) and are fixed. If you are in a different time zone or country, you have to calculate your viewing time with CST USA.

DateDay of weekStartOriginal title
23/01/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 1
28/01/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 1
30/01/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 2
04/02/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 2
06/02/2021Saturday9:00 pmAt Home in Ireland – pt 2
11/02/2021Thursday6:00 amAt Home in Ireland – pt 2
13/02/2021Saturday9:00 pmCan You Feel the Love – pt 2
18/02/2021Thursday6:00 amCan You Feel the Love – pt 2
20/02/2021Saturday9:00 pmPeaceful Waters
25/02/2021Thursday6:00 amPeaceful Waters
27/02/2021Saturday9:00 pmThoughts of Home
04/03/2021Thursday6:00 amThoughts of Home
06/03/2021Saturday9:00 pmUlster Hall Belfast
11/03/2021Thursday6:00 amUlster Hall Belfast
13/03/2021Saturday9:00 pmJust For You
18/03/2021Thursday6:00 amJust For You
20/03/2021Saturday9:00 pmShowtime – pt 2
25/03/2021Thursday6:00 amShowtime – pt 2
27/03/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Daniel O’Donnell Show – pt 2
01/04/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Daniel O’Donnell Show – pt 2
03/04/2021Saturday9:00 pmSongs of Faith – pt 2
08/04/2021Thursday6:00 amSongs of Faith – pt 2
10/04/2021Saturday9:00 pmStreaming Show – pt 1
15/04/2021Thursday6:00 amStreaming Show – pt 1
17/04/2021Saturday9:00 pmStreaming Show – pt 2
22/04/2021Thursday6:00 amStreaming Show – pt 2
24/04/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 1
29/04/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 1
01/05/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 2
06/05/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Rock and Roll Show – pt 2
08/05/2021Saturday9:00 pmAt Home in Ireland – pt 2
13/05/2021Thursday6:00 amAt Home in Ireland – pt 2
15/05/2021Saturday9:00 pmCan You Feel the Love – pt 2
20/05/2021Thursday6:00 amCan You Feel the Love – pt 2
22/05/2021Saturday9:00 pmPeaceful Waters
27/05/2021Thursday6:00 amPeaceful Waters
29/05/2021Saturday9:00 pmThoughts of Home
03/06/2021Thursday6:00 amThoughts of Home
05/06/2021Saturday9:00 pmUlster Hall Belfast
10/06/2021Thursday6:00 amUlster Hall Belfast
12/06/2021Saturday9:00 pmJust For You
17/06/2021Thursday6:00 amJust For You
19/06/2021Saturday9:00 pmShowtime – pt 2
24/06/2021Thursday6:00 amShowtime – pt 2
26/06/2021Saturday9:00 pmThe Daniel O’Donnell Show – pt 2
01/07/2021Thursday6:00 amThe Daniel O’Donnell Show – pt 2
03/07/2021Saturday9:00 pmSongs of Faith – pt 2
08/07/2021Thursday6:00 amSongs of Faith – pt 2
10/07/2021Saturday9:00 pmStreaming Show – pt 1
15/07/2021Thursday6:00 amStreaming Show – pt 1
17/07/2021Saturday9:00 pmStreaming Show – pt 2
22/07/2021Thursday6:00 amStreaming Show – pt 2



US fans are in for a treat this Christmas. Daniel’s ‘Christmas With Daniel’ show will air on RFD TV on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (1 hour Special).

All you need to do is click on this link below or copy & paste it to your web browser

OR, to be sure you can view, subscribe to the RFD TV channel


Daniel sa Bhaile

Join Daniel O’Donnell as you’ve never seen him before, at home, in Donegal.

International singing star and the Nations favourite, Daniel O’ Donnell will be welcoming fans and friends into his home as he hosts his new chat & entertainment show from Donegal. Each week Daniel will be joined online by a variety of guests as he chats to them about everything; from how they are coping in lockdown, to the new activities & hobbies they have taken up over the last few weeks.

In episode one Daniel will chat with Moya Brennan as they discuss Clannads Farewell tour and their cancelled plans. Majella will join him as they get their hips moving in an online Hula Hooping class. Daniel will also talk to an Irish couple who have had to postpone their wedding and he will meet up virtually with his old friend Gloria Hunniford.

Join Daniel sa Bhaile for Craic, Ceol & more on TG4 weekly from June 7th at 18.40.

Sunday 7th June  (18.40pm)

Sunday 14th June  (18.40pm)

Sunday 21st June  (18.40pm)

Sunday 28th June  (18.40pm)


Have a look at these fabulous Daniel shows on Amazon Prime.

Read more


Hi Everyone, we are delighted to announce the launch of Daniel’s Product & Merchandise on

We will be adding more stock from time to time, so make sure to keep an eye on the website for new additions.




Following Daniel’s successful broadcasts on RFD TV, he has decided to make available his two wonderful box sets, at a very special price, to all his North American fans. They can be ordered by simply clicking on the following links:

The Ultimate Irish Album

The Ultimate Inspirational Collection

Or, should fans want to buy both sets, there is a $10 saving for ordering both sets at the same time. This offer is available by clicking on the following link;


Daniel’s new series of Country and Gospel shows starts this Saturday evening on RFD TV USA at 9pm ET and 6pm PT in the US. ( USA ) time zones.

SCHEDULE OF AIR TIMES: Be sure to tune in and enjoy.

Thu 14th May 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – Live in Nashville, Part 2
Filmed at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee – Daniel O Donnell performs to a sell-out crowd featuring songs such as Release Me, Ring Of Fire, King Of The Road, and a country Gospel Medley. Daniel is joined by his nine-member band as well as his long-time singing partner Mary Duff and his wife Majella.
Sat 16th May 2020 @ 9pm  &  Thu 21st May 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – Back Home Again
Recorded Live at the RTE Studios in Dublin, Ireland in Aug 2016, this first program in the “Back Home Again” series features some of Daniel’s best loved renditions of these specially selected songs.
Sat 23rd May 2020 @ 9pm  &  Thu 28th May 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – Songs Of Faith
Filmed at the Helix, Dublin, Ireland in Aug 2003, this was Daniel’s highly anticipated third special and reflects the rich spiritual traditions on which his life and musical career are based. Featuring a 65-piece full orchestra, a 70-voice adult gospel choir, the top gospel group The Omega Singers, and was filmed by a ten man camera team.  
Sat 30th May 2020 @ 9pm  &  Thu 4th June 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – Hope & Praise Vol 1
This emotionally uplifting concert special was Recorded live at the Tri-Lakes Center in Branson, Missouri in 2004 and features several local choirs and an orchestra.
Sat 6th June 2020 @ 9pm  &  Thu 11th June 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – Hope & Praise Vol 2
This is the 2nd show from Daniel’s concert recording in the Tri Lakes Center in 2004.  This one, like the first show, features more of Daniel’s all time favorite Inspirational songs.
Sat 13th June 2020 @ 9pm  &  Thu 18th June 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – I Just Want To Dance With You
I Just Want to Dance with You is the 2nd show taken from the ‘Back Home Again’ series which was recorded at the RTE Studios in Dublin.  Daniel sings, I Just Want To Dance With You; Memory Number One; and The Eighth Day.
Sat 20th June 2020 @ 9pm  &  Thu 25th June 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – Until The Next Time
Until The Next Time is the third show taken from the ‘Back Home Again’ series and features songs from some of the truly great songwriters of our time, sung, of course, by Daniel in his own inimitable style.
Sat 27th June 2020 @ 9pm  & Thu 2nd July 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – Live In Killarney !
Recorded Live at the INEC in Killarney, Ireland in 2001 in front of a packed house – This concert marks the first U.S. Special for Daniel O’Donnell. 
Sat 4th July 2020 @ 9pm  &  Thu 9th July 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – Showtime, Live From Branson, Missouri
Filmed at The Tri Lakes Centre, Branson in 2004 – this was Daniel’s first DVD release in the USA.  The show has a more country feel and features a wide selection of country favourites.
Sat 11th July 2020 @ 9pm  &  Thu 16th July 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – Shades Of Green
Filmed at the Waterfort Hall, Belfast in Feb 2002 – this proved to be one of Daniel’s most popular releases and reached #2 in the UK charts upon it’s release.  The show is a selection of beautiful ballads from across the globe, written by some of the most iconic songwriters in the world.
Sat 18th July 2020 @ 9pm  & Thu 23rd July 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – At Home In Ireland
Recorded Live at The Sports & Leisure Centre, Letterkenny, Ireland in 2007 – we join Daniel as he shares some the sights and sounds of his beautiful homeland, accompanied by an array of wonderful country and traditional pop favourites.
Sat 25th July 2020 @ 9pm  & Thu 30th July 2020 @ 6am
The Daniel O’Donnell Show – Can You Feel The Love
This show, Recorded Live at the INEC, Killarney, Ireland in Oct 2006 was another #1 hit in the UK for Daniel upon it’s release in 2007 and included several songs co-written by Daniel. The songs featured in this show capture the magic of what was a truly romantic evening in Killarney.


Daniel has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Friday night’s Late Late Show Country Special.

Only the second person ever to receive the industry’s highest accolade, Daniel follows in the footsteps of the late Mainliners front man Big Tom, who received the award in 2016. Daniel was presented the award following a much anticipated duet of the Roger Miller classic “King of the Road” which he performed with Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy.

Daniel said: “I am truly honoured to receive this award and to follow such a great as Big Tom. It means so much to me to be acknowledged by my peers here in Ireland”.  Ryan Tubridy commented “Daniel has been a firm friend of the Late Late Show for such a long time, and it was our absolute pleasure to play a part in recognising the extraordinary contribution that he has made to the country music industry in Ireland. We wish him nothing but continued success and happiness in all that he does”.

Fr. Brian D’Arcy, who presented Daniel with the award, said: “Nobody deserves the award more than Daniel. It’s only the second time this award has been presented, the other recipient being the late Big Tom. It is in recognition of what he has done for country music, not only at home here in Ireland, but across the world. Daniel is highly regarded as an international artist, especially in Nashville, the home of country music”.


A Valentine’s Day message from Daniel, “Save The Last Dance For Me”. What a beautiful version of a classic song.

It is available to stream right now along with many more of Daniel’s Love Songs right now on Spotify.

It’s is also one of 60 brilliant tracks on the forthcoming Daniel ‘Gold’ album set for release on the 1st March. Available to order right now from Amazon for just £5.99, digitally, and as an abridged version on special heavyweight Gold vinyl. You can order yours right here: