‘Don’t Take the Good Times For Granted’

Featuring Daniel O’Donnell – Release Date: 29th January 2021

Donegal singer David James (22) is joined by Daniel on his new track ‘Don’t Take The Good Times For Granted’ due for release on this Friday – 29th January, on the DMG TV label (Digital download from iTunes & Spotify).

Written by singer-songwriter Shunie Crampsey, the song is a conversation between a younger man and an older man and is fitting for the times we find ourselves in. The pairing of Daniel’s well-loved vocals with David’s powerful delivery makes this a track for fans of all ages, with a message that resonates with us all in light of the last year.



Up-and-coming star David James has been going from strength to strength in the music scene since he started gigging at the young age of 15.  He has had four singles that have topped the iTunes charts under his belt to date, including the track Donegal Doll released when David was just 18.

While David predominantly sings Irish and country music, he has a wide range of musical tastes and influences, performing music from the likes of Tom Jones, the Rock and Roll era, musical theatre and power ballads. David is also host of The Jivetime Show on Highland Radio.

David: “I remember going to see Daniel in concert when I was 14. I was mesmerised not only by Daniel, but by the band, the lights, the full show! I never dreamt that I would get the opportunity to record with Daniel, It was an honour.”

Daniel: “I am delighted to have had the opportunity to record this duet with David. He has a great voice and a super personality. We were blessed that Shunie Crampsey wrote this song especially for us. Shunie is a great writer and I loved the song as soon as I heard it.

‘Don’t Take the Good Times for Granted’ available for download on iTunes and to stream on Spotify. Enjoy !!


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