Daniel O’Donnell started his professional career as a member of his sister Margo’s band on January 28, 1981.

After learning the ropes, Daniel then flew the nest two years later to become an entertainer in his own right.

There were many early struggles and setbacks, and at one point Daniel thought he might have to give up on his dream.

But Ireland’s best-loved entertainer persevered and ultimately went on to become a world famous singer with success in the superstar league.

To mark the 40th anniversary of Daniel’s career, SundayWorld.com takes a look back at his remarkable journey, from his early days playing tiny venues around Ireland to selling out theatres and arenas around the globe.

Fans are also given an insight into Daniel’s personal world, as his wife Majella reveals their love story and the singer remembers another remarkable woman who shaped his life – his beloved mother Julia.

And superstar Cliff Richard pays tribute to his pal Daniel.

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